Vote on Election Day

What to expect at your voting location
When you arrive at the voting location, you see election workers ready to assist you.

Go to the table with your precinct number to start the voting process. If you do not know your precinct number, ask an election worker to assist you.

At the registration table you will:

1.     State your name and address.
2.     Sign the roster.
3.     The election worker will give you a ballot in a secrecy folder.

To vote

    • To vote for a candidate, connect the arrow pointing to your choice with a single line.
    • To vote on any measure, connect the arrow pointing to the word Yes or the word No. 
    • Check both the front and back of your ballot for voting contests.

To vote for a write-in candidate

    • To vote for a write-in candidate, write the person's name in the blank space provided directly below the names of the other candidates for that office. Then connect the arrow pointing to your choice with a single line.
    • If there is no write-in space provided, that means write-in candidates are not allowed for that office

Review & cast your ballot

    • If you vote for more candidates than are allowed, or if you vote both Yes and No on a measure, your vote will not count for that contest.
    • You do not have to vote on all contests. Those you do vote on will still count.
    • If you make a mistake, ask for another ballot.
    • After you have completed voting, tear off the stub at the top of the ballot and return your voted ballot to an election worker in the secrecy folder.