Candidate Information 

Becoming a Candidate 

You may file paperwork to become a candidate for any office up for election in Inyo County on March 3, 2020 at the Elections Department located at 168 N. Edwards Street, Independence beginning November 12, 2019*. Our office hours are 8:00 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Please review the Candidate's Guide if you are thinking about becoming a candidate for office in Inyo County in the 2020 election year.

Campaign Advertising - Requirements and Restrictions can be found on the Fair Political Practices Commission website here: FPPC Campaign Disclosure Information website

*November 11, 2019 is an Inyo County Holiday so the filing period will begin on November 12, 2019.

Offices up for election in the
March 3, 2020 Primary election

Office name
President of the United States
4 year term
United States Representative, 8th District
2 year term
Member of the State Assembly, 26th District
2 year term
Democratic Central Committee Members (as of July 23, 2019, the Democratic Central Committee has notified the Inyo County Elections office that they will not be having a public election in Inyo County)
4 year term
Republican Central Committee Members
4 year term
Judge of the Superior Court #1
6 year term
Judge of the Superior Court #2
6 year term
Supervisor, 2nd District
4 year term
Supervisor, 4th District
4 year term
Supervisor, 5th District
4 year term

Local Candidate’s Filing Dates

Listed below is an informal checklist indicating the various forms required to be filed for candidacy in the March Election. It is the obligation of the candidate to ensure that he/she meets all filing requirements and deadlines. All candidates are urged to file the necessary papers as early as possible in order to avoid last minute rush, confusion, and or any misunderstandings.

Applied to
Filing Period
FPPC Form 501 – Candidate Intention

Form 501 must be filed prior to the solicitation or receipt of any contribution or expenditure, including any personal funds, used for the election. A new form 501 must be filed for each election even if a candidate is running for re-election

All candidates
Before soliciting or receiving any funds, including personal funds
Signature In-Lieu Petition

Forms may be obtained from the county elections official during this period. Petition forms may be obtained to secure signatures in-lieu of all or a portion of the filing fee. Signatures submitted on the in-lieu petitions will also be applied to meet the nomination signature requirements. The candidate will be notified of any deficiencies within 10 days of filing.

EC 8061, 8105, 8106
Sept. 12 – Nov. 6, 2019
Nomination papers

Nomination petition forms are available for county central committees candidates  158 days prior to the primary election. Completed nomination petition forms must be filed prior to the close of the candidate nomination period on December 6, 2019.

EC 8020(b)

County Central Committees
Sept. 27 – Dec. 6, 2019
Declaration of Intent

Every candidate for a judicial office must file a Declaration of Intent with the county elections official. All incumbent judges seeing re-election to the same office must file during this period. Nonrefundable filing fees (money, signatures or any prorated combination of both) must be paid at the time the Declaration of Intent is filed. If the incumbent for a judicial office does not file by the deadline, any other qualified candidate has until November 11, 2019 to file.

EC 823, 8105

Judicial Candidates
Oct. 28 – Nov. 6, 2019
Declaration of Candidacy

All candidates, including incumbents, must file nomination documents with the elections office during this period. If applicable, the nonrefundable filing fee (money, signatures or a prorated combination of both) shall be paid at the time the candidate files their Declaration of Candidacy. No candidate whose declaration has been filed for a primary election may withdraw as a candidate for that primary election. If an incumbent for office does not file by the deadline, any other qualified candidate has until December 11, 2019 to file.

EC 8020-8021, 8040-8041, 8060-8070, 8100-8170, 8800-8811
All candidates
Nov. 12 – Dec. 6, 2019
Nomination papers

Candidates for some offices are required to also file Nomination papers to qualify to be on the ballot. Nomination paperwork will be provided by the elections office when the Declaration of Candidacy paperwork is filed.

EC 8020,8022, GC 87200
Board of Supervisors, Judicial
Nov. 12 – Dec. 6, 2019
Candidate’s Statement of Qualifications

All candidates who opt to include a Candidate Statement of Qualifications in the county voter information guide must submit a statement and pay a deposit by the end of the filing period. Statements may not be changed, but may be withdrawn up until 5:00 pm of the next business day after the deadline.

EC 13307-13308
Nov. 12 – Dec. 6, 2019
Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Any candidate for public office in this state is encouraged by the legislature to subscribe to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices. It is the ultimate intent of the Legislature that every candidate for public office in this state who subscribes to the Code of Fair Campaign practices will follow the basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play in order that, after vigorously contested, but fairly conducted campaigns, the citizens of this state may exercise their constitutional right to vote free from dishonest and unethical practices which tend to prevent the full and free expression of the will of the voters.

EC 20400, 20440, 20443
When Declaration of Candidacy is filed
FPPC Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests

This form is used for disclosure of certain personal financial interests under the Political Reform Act’s conflict of interest rules. All information required to be disclosed per the Conflict of Interest Code for the office sought during the 12 months prior to the date of filing the Declaration of Candidacy must be reported.
All Candidate EXCEPT for US Senate and Congress
Nov. 12 – Dec. 6, 2019
FPPC Form 470

This form is used when a candidate does not have a controlled committee and does not anticipate raising or spending $2,000 or more in a calendar year.

Candidates who initially file the Form 470 and subsequently receive contributions or expenditures totaling $2,000 or more are required to file a Form 470 supplement within 48 hours of reaching the $2,000 limit.
All candidates who will raise or spend less than $2,000
FPPC Forms 410, 460

These form are used when any individual, officeholder, candidate, group of individuals, organization, or any other entity that receives contributions totaling $2,000 or more during a calendar year. These forms identify the name of the committee and provide public information regarding the committee’s purpose.
All candidates who will raise or spend more than $2,000

List of Candidate Intention Statements & Signatures in Lieu of Filing Fees

The Form 501 is filed each election by candidates for state or local office. A new Form 501 must be filed each election, even if a candidate is running for re-election. Filing a Form 501 indicates that a person intends to run for a political office, but the person is not officially a candidate until a Declaration of Candidacy is filed. 

In order to become a candidate for an elected office with an annual salary, potential candidates must pay a filing fee. The filing fee for most local offices is a percentage of the salary for the office sought. A candidate may choose to circulate a petition gathering signatures of registered voters in lieu of (or partially in lieu of) paying the filing fee.

March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election
Form 501
NameOffice SoughtDate Filed
Deena M Davenport-ConwaySupervisor, 4th District8/28/19
Donald K. BrightSupervisor, 4th District8/29/19
Carroll "Butch" HambletonSupervisor, 4th District9/03/19
Jennifer A. RoeserSupervisor, 4th District9/04/19
Matthew W. KingsleySupervisor, 5th District9/05/19
Jeff R. GriffithsSupervisor, 2nd District9/10/19
Brian LambJudge of the Superior Court #19/12/19
Stephen M. PlaceJudge of the Superior Court #29/20/19
Philip T. AshworthJudge of the Superior Court #19/27/19
Susanne M. RizoJudge of the Superior Court #110/17/2019
Signatures in Lieu of Filing Fee
NameOffice SoughtDate Issued
Donald K. BrightSupervisor, 4th District9/12/19
Jennifer A. RoeserSupervisor, 4th District9/12/19
Brian LambJudge of the Superior Court #19/12/19
Jeff GriffithsSupervisor, 2nd District9/17/19
Matt KingsleySupervisor, 5th District9/17/19
Stephen M. PlaceJudge of the Superior Court #29/20/19
Philip T. AshworthJudge of the Superior Court #19/27/19
Susanne M. RizoJudge of the Superior Court #110/17/19
Nomination Documents
NameOffice SoughtDate Issued
Virginia A. BabbRepublican Central Committee, District 110/03/19
David BlackerRepublican Central Committee, District 510/10/19

District Boundaries

To view district boundaries, please visit the Inyo County Data Viewer.

Raising and spending money

Below are helpful links for candidates to find out information about campaign financing rules and to locate campaign finance forms on the Fair Political Practices Commission website.

Obtaining voter information

Pursuant to Elections Code §2188, and §2194, voter registration information is available to persons or groups for election, scholarly, journalistic, political or governmental purposes as determined by the Secretary of State. If you would like to request voter registration information, please complete the Application below and email the form to:

Application to request voter files

Reports that are available from the elections office 

Ethics Training

Many public officials are required to take an ethics training course to educate them on the ethical standards required of any individual who works in state or local government. Public officials may utilize free online courses available to satisfy this requirement. Please note that the state officials ethics course will not satisfy the local officials ethics course requirements and vice versa.