What's on the ballot

What's on your ballot is determined by where you live and are registered to vote.

To find your polling place and view your Voter Information Guide for the June 5, 2018 Statewide Primary Election,  use the Inyo County Voter Guide linked below: 

Inyo County Voter Guide Look-up Tool

Accessible Voter Guide & Remote Access Vote by Mail for Voters who cannot vote without assistance.  

You may view any of Inyo County's Voter Guides for the June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary Election by clicking on the links below.
Voter Information Guide #1 for Voting Precincts 101, 102, 103 (Rovana, Rocking K, Meadowcreek, Highlands)

Voter Information Guide #2 for Voting Precincts 104MB, 105, 106, 107, 111, 112, 113, 114MB (Early Pond, Laws, City of Bishop, Wilkerson, Big Pine, Aberdeen)

Voter Information Guide #3 for Voting Precincts 108, 109, 110 (McLaren, West Bishop, Barlow, Diaz)

Voter Information Guide #4 for Voting Precinct 115 (Independence)

Voter Information Guide #5 for Voting Precincts 117, 118, 119MB, 120MB (Lone Pine, Keeler, Darwin, Olancha, Cartago)

Voter Information Guide #6 for Voting Precinct 116MB (Alabama Gates)

Voter Information Guide #7 for Voting Precincts 121MB, 122MB (Panamint, Death Valley, Shoshone, Tecopa, Charleston View, Sandy Valley)

June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary candidates
Gavin NewsomLieutenant Governor/BusinessmanDemocratic
Robert C. Newman, IIResearch Clinical PsychologistRepublican
Josh JonesAuthorGreen
J. BribiescaRetired Medical DoctorDemocratic
Gloria Estela La RivaGraphic ArtistPeace & Freedom
Peter Y LiuRepublican
Antonio VillaraigosaPublic Policy AdvisorDemocratic
Yvonne GirardJudicial AssistantRepublican
Robert Davidson GriffisEntrepreneur/Economist/FatherDemocratic
Shubham GoelVirtual Reality ManagerNo Party Preference
Travis AllenCalifornia Assemblyman/BusinessmanRepublican
Akinyemi AgbedeMathematicianDemocratic
Johnny WattenburgBusiness OwnerNo Party Preference
Nickolas WildstarRecording ArtistLibertarian
Desmond SilveiraSenior Software EngineerNo Party Preference
Michael ShellenbergerEnvironmental Organization ExecutiveDemocratic
Zoltan IstvanEntrepreneur/Transhumanist LecturerLibertarian
Christopher N. CarlsonPuppeteer/MusicianGreen
Thomas Jefferson CaresBlockchain Startup CEODemocratic
John ChiangCalifornia State TreasurerDemocratic
John H. CoxBusinessman/Taxpayer AdvocateRepublican
Amanda RenteriaCOO, Justice DepartmentDemocratic
Delaine EastinEducator/Youth AdvocateDemocratic
Jeffrey Edward TaylorMarketplace MinisterNo Party Preference
Klement TinajCEO/Educator/ArtistDemocratic
Hakan "Hawk" MikadoCEO/Business OwnerNo Party Preference
Albert Caesar MezzettiRetired EducatorDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
Lieutenant Governor
Tim FerreiraStrategist/Programmer/EntrepreneurLibertarian
David FennellEntrepreneurRepublican
Danny ThomasDentist/Dental SurgeonNo Party Preference
Cole HarrisFather/Entrepreneur/BusinessmanRepublican
Ed HernandezState Senator/BusinessmanDemocratic
David R. HernandezRetired Business OwnerRepublican
Lydia OrtegaEconomist/Businesswoman/EducatorRepublican
Gayle McLaughlinCommunity Organizer/EducatorNo Party Preference
Jeff BleichAttorney/EducatorDemocratic
Eleni KounalakisBusinesswoman/Economic AdvisorDemocratic
Cameron GharabiklouAttorneyDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
Secretary of State
Gail K. LightfootRetired NurseLibertarian
C.T. WeberRetired Government AnalystPeace & Freedom
Erik RydbergCommunity OrganizerGreen
Raul Rodriguez Jr.Retired Warehousing EmployeeRepublican
Michael FeinsteinElectoral Reform ConsultantGreen
Ruben MajorParamedic/Educator/BusinesspersonDemocratic
Mark P. MeuserElection Law AttorneyRepublican
Alex PadillaSecretary of StateDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
Mark Lou FinleyRetired EducatorPeace & Freedom
Betty T. YeeCalifornia State ControllerDemocratic
Konstantinos RoditisEntrepreneurRepublican
Space for Write-in Candidate
Vivek ViswanathanGovernor's Office, AdvisorDemocratic
Jack M. GuerreroCPA/Councilmember/EconomistRepublican
Kevin AkinRetired Steam EngineerPeace & Freedom
Greg ConlonBusinessman/CPARepublican
Fiona MaCPA/Taxpayer RepresentativeDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
Attorney General
Steven C BaileyRetired California JudgeRepublican
Xavier BecerraAppointed Attorney General of the State of CaliforniaDemocratic
Eric EarlyAttorney/Business OwnerRepublican
Dave JonesCalifornia Insurance CommissionerDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
Insurance Commissioner
Ricardo LaraCalifornia SenatorDemocratic
Nathalie HriziPublic School TeacherPeace & Freedom
Asif ManhoodPhysician, Internal MedicineDemocratic
Steve PoiznerBusinessman/Non-Profit DirectorNo Party Preference
Space for Write-in Candidate
Member, State Board of Equalization 1st District
Ted GainesTaxpayer Advocate/SenatorRepublican
Connie ConwayBusiness Owner/EducatorRepublican
David EvansChief Financial OfficerRepublican
Tom HallinanCollege Trustee/BusinessmanDemocratic
Space for Write-in Candidate
United States Senator
David HildebrandPolicy AnalystDemocratic
Lee OlsonAerospace Systems EngineerNo Party Preference
Roque "Rocky" De La FuenteBusinessman/Land DeveloperRepublican
Kevin De LeonCalifornia SenatorDemocratic
Kevin MottusWireless Safety AdvocateRepublican
David MooreSpecial Education TeacherNo Party Preference
Mario NablibaScientistRepublican
Gerald PlummerConstruction Project ManagerDemocratic
Tom PalzerRetired Urban PlannerRepublican
John Thompson ParkerPeace & Freedom
Douglas Howard PierceMissing Children's AdvocateDemocratic
Herbert G. PetersRetired Aerospace EngineerDemocratic
James P BradleyChief Financial OfficerRepublican
Arun K. BhumitraTeacher/Engineer/BusinessmanRepublican
Jerry Joseph LawsRepublican
Patrick LittleCivil Rights AdvocateRepublican
Tim GildersleeveParatransit OperatorNo Party Preference
Michael Fahmy GirgisReal Estate BrokerNo Party Preference
Don J. GrundmannDoctor of ChiropracticNo Party Preference
Rash Bihari GhoshWater Scientist/ProfessorNo Party Preference
Ling Ling ShiAuthorNo Party Preference
John "Jack" CrewBus DriverRepublican
Erin CruzPublished AuthorRepublican
Derrick Michael ReidRetired AttorneyLibertarian
Dianne FeinsteinUnited States SenatorDemocratic
Colleen Shea FernaldConstitutional Solutions AdvocateNo Party Preference
Adrienne Nicole EdwardsCommunity AdvocateDemocratic
Paul A. TaylorSmall Business OwnerRepublican
Donnie O. TurnerRetired USAF SergeantDemocratic
Pat HarrisCivil Rights AttorneyDemocratic
Alison HartsonNational Political DirectorDemocratic
Jason M. HananiaAttorney/EngineerNo Party Preference
Space for Write-in Candidate
United States Representative, 8th District
Rita RamirezRetired College ProfessorDemocratic
Ronald J. OdonnellEducator/Author/BusinessmanDemocratic
Marjorie "Marge" DoyleRegistered Nurse/ExecutiveDemocratic
Tim DonnellyBusiness Owner/AuthorRepublican
Paul CookUnited States RepresentativeRepublican
Space for Write-in Candidate
Member of the State Senate, 8th District
Paulina MirandaBusiness WomanDemocratic
Tom PrattBusinessmanDemocratic
Andreas BorgeasCounty Supervisor/EducatorRepublican
Mark BeldenBusiness Person/BuilderNo Party Preference
Space for Write-in Candidate
Member of the State Assembly, 26th District
Devon MathisAssemblymanRepublican
Jose SigalaCouncil Member, City of TulareDemocratic
Warren GublerMayor of VisaliaRepublican
Jack LaversRancher/BusinessmanRepublican
Space for Write-in Candidate
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Steven IrelandParent
Tony K. ThurmondEducator/State Legislator
Marshall TuckSchools Improvement Director
Lily (Espinoza) PloskiEducator/Administrator/Instructor
Space for Write-in Candidate
Superintendent Of Schools
Barry D. SimpsonSuperintendent, Bishop Unified School District
Space for Write-in Candidate
County Board of Education, 1st District
Alden L. NashNone
County Board of Education, 3rd District
George LozitoNone
County Board of Education, 5th District
Christopher LangleyNone
Supervisor, 1st District
Lynne M. GreerBusiness Owner
Dan TotherohInyo County Supervisor
Space for Write-in Candidate
Supervisor, 3rd District
Rick PucciSupervisor 3rd District
Space for Write-in Candidate
Dave StottlemyreAssessor
Space for Write-in Candidate
Amy ShepherdAuditor
Space for Write-in Candidate
Jason E. MolinarCoroner
Space for Write-in Candidate
County Clerk-Recorder
Kammi FooteCounty Clerk-Recorder
Space for Write-in Candidate
District Attorney
Thomas L. HardyDistrict Attorney
Space for Write-in Candidate
Public Administrator
Patricia BartonPublic Administrator
Space for Write-in Candidate
Jeff HollowellUndersheriff
Joshua R. NicholsonDeputy Sheriff
Space for Write-in Candidate
Treasurer-Tax Collector
Alisha McMurtrieTreasurer-Tax Collector
Space for Write-in Candidate

The following Propositions/Measures will appear on the June 5, 2018 Primary Election ballot:

Prop 68Authorizes bonds funding for parks, natural resources protection, climate adaption, water quality and supply, and flood protection.Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for: parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply, and flood protection. Fiscal Impact: Increased state bond repayment costs averaging $200 million annually over 40 years. Local government savings for natural resources-related projects, likely averaging several tens of millions of dollars annually over the next few decades.
Prop 69Requires that certain new transportation revenues be used for transportation purposes. Legislative constitutional amendment.Requires that certain revenues generated by a 2017 transportation funding law be used only for transportation purposes and generally prohibits Legislature from diverting funds to other purposes. Fiscal Impact: No direct effect on the amount of state and local revenues or costs but could affect how some monies are spent.
Prop 70Requires Legislative Supermajority vote approving use of Cap-and-Trade reserve fund. Legislative Constitutional Amendment. Beginning in 2024, requires that cap-and-trade revenues accumulate in a reserve fund until the Legislature, by a two-thirds majority, authorizes use of the revenues. Fiscal Impact: Beginning in 2024, potential temporary increase in state sales tax revenue, ranging from none to a few hundred million dollars annually, and possible changes in how revenue from sale of greenhouse gas emission permits is spent.
Prop 71Sets effective date for ballot measures. Legislative constitutional amendment.Provides that ballot measures approved by a majority of voters shall take effect five days after the Secretary of State certifies the results of the election. Fiscal Impact: Likely little or no effect on state and local finances.
Prop 72Permits legislature to exclude newly constructed rain-capture systems from property-tx reassessment requirements. Legislative constitutional amendment.Permits Legislature to allow construction of rain-capture systems, completed on or after January 1, 2019, without requiring property-tax reassessment. Fiscal Impact: Probably minor reduction in annual property tax revenues to local governments.
Measure KLone Pine School District - General Obligation Bond To improve school facilities, upgrade fire alarms and student safety and security, replace old windows, and repair restrooms and other facilities, shall Lone Pine Unified School District issue $6 million in bonds at legal interest rates, projected tax rates of 6¢ per $100 of taxable value while bonds are outstanding (averaging approximately $400,000 annually), and requiring responsible repayment costs, citizens' oversight and audits to ensure funds are ONLY spent for Lo-lnyo Elementary School and Lone Pine High School, and NOT for any other purpose? Read the Full Text & Tax Rate Statement of Measure K. View the Impartial Analysis for Measure K. View the Argument For Measure K.
Measure LOwens Valley School District - General Obligation BondTo renovate and upgrade classrooms , repair old facilities, make health, safety and security improvements for students, and improve energy efficiency to reduce operating costs, shall Owens Valley Unified School District issue $4.8 million in bonds at legal interest rates, projected tax rates of 6.0¢ per $100 of taxable value while bonds are outstanding (generating on average approximately $325,000 annually), and requiring audits, citizens' oversight, ALL funds spent on Owens Valley schools and NO money for administrator salaries or pensions? Read the Full Text & Tax Rate Statement of Measure L. View the Impartial Analysis for Measure L. View the Argument For Measure L