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Primary and General Elections

What’s on your ballot is determined by where you live and are registered to vote. Examples of your ballot and other important voting information can be viewed 40 days before every election.

Offices and Measures in the November 2022 Election

A list of all candidates that filed for office can be found at the bottom of this page.

State and local ballot measures

Offices up for election in the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election

State Voter-nominated Offices

State Nonpartisan offices

Local offices

County Offices

Top two candidates from local countywide Primary Election where more than two candidates filed, but no candidate received more than 50% of the vote. All other candidates are listed in table at the bottom of this page.


Board of Education

School Districts

Hospital Districts

Resources Districts

Community Services Districts

Fire Districts

Sanitary Districts

If there are not more candidates than positions to be elected at the close of the Nomination Period for each of the local district Board seats above, the process may bypass the ballot and may be Elected by Appointment by the Board of Supervisors. Contests that received more Candidates than available seats will be on the ballot and are highlighted above and indicated by an asterisk (*).

List of Candidates that filed for local offices for the November 2022 General Election.
The filing period has closed for all districts.

DistrictNAMEPhone NumberEmail Address
*Big Pine Unified School DistrictAdelina
*Big Pine Unified School DistrictKami
*Big Pine Unified School DistrictAngela R.
*Big Pine Unified School DistrictAlfred Patterson760-920-4779 
*Bishop Unified School DistrictClaudia Moya-Tanner
*Bishop Unified School DistrictJamie
*Bishop Unified School DistrictJim
*Bishop Unified School DistrictJoshua R.
*Bishop Unified School DistrictGail Sue
*Bishop Unified School DistrictToni
*Bishop Unified School DistrictEarl Lent
*Bishop Unified School DistrictVirginia
*Bishop Unified School DistrictAmbroshia Nalinlae
Death Valley Unified School DistrictTeresa (Terri)
Death Valley Unified School DistrictColleen A. Buck760-852-1022 
Death Valley Unified School DistrictDebra A.
*Lone Pine Unified School DistrictScott
*Lone Pine Unified School DistrictLeigh A.
*Lone Pine Unified School DistrictRachel M.
*Lone Pine Unified School DistrictScott William
*Lone Pine Unified School DistrictKrista L.
*Owens Valley Unified School DistrictJoey
*Owens Valley Unified School DistrictNina
*Owens Valley Unified School DistrictAllie
*Owens Valley Unified School DistrictAlisa M.
Owens Valley Unified School District (2-year term)Becky S.
Round Valley Elementary School DistrictJeff
Round Valley Elementary School DistrictEdwardo V.
*Trona Joint Unified School DistrictPriscilla R. Benadom  
*Trona Joint Unified School DistrictSkylar Wayne Mccullar  
*Trona Joint Unified School DistrictVictoria
*Trona Joint Unified School DistrictShannon Nichole Stephens  
*Trona Joint Unified School DistrictCathy
Inyo County Board of Education – Area 1Joseph
Inyo County Board of Education – Area 3George
Inyo County Board of Education – Area 5Christopher
*Kern Community College DistrictJennifer May
*Kern Community College DistrictChristina
Northern Inyo Healthcare DistrictJean
Northern Inyo Healthcare DistrictMelissa
Southern Inyo Healthcare DistrictBruce J.
Southern Inyo Healthcare DistrictJaqueline Dee
Big Pine Community Services DistrictJeri F.
Big Pine Community Services DistrictBryanna Vaughan
Darwin Community Services DistrictJames
Darwin Community Services DistrictMichael
Darwin Community Services DistrictRuth
Darwin Community Services DistrictSamuel
Eastern Sierra Community Services DistrictRobert
Eastern Sierra Community Services DistrictSeth
Eastern Sierra Community Services DistrictWalt
Indian Creek Westridge Community Services DistrictJeffery George
Indian Creek Westridge Community Services DistrictTheodore Grant
*Keeler Community Services DistrictAlice M.
*Keeler Community Services DistrictBruce G. Spry
*Keeler Community Services DistrictRobert E.
*Keeler Community Services DistrictJeanne
*Keeler Community Services DistrictKaren
*Keeler Community Services DistrictJayna K. King805-844-6023jaynaking@hotmail.coom
Keeler Community Services District (2-year term)Tammy Jo
Keeler Community Services District (2-year term)Sherry
Olancha Community Services DistrictRobert G. Olin Jr.760-264-3046 
Olancha Community Services DistrictJennifer H. Gordon760-977-0587 
Olancha Community Services DistrictNorman Sahm760-382-9291 
Olancha Community Services DistrictDennis D.
Sierra Highlands Community Services DistrictJohn G.
Sierra Highlands Community Services DistrictDuane D.
Sierra Highlands Community Services DistrictRandall W.
Sierra North Community Services DistrictSagette
Sierra North Community Services DistrictRyan S.
Starlite Community Services DistrictRobert M. Hardin971-400-6963 
Big Pine Fire Protection DistrictGregory A.
Big Pine Fire Protection DistrictPeter C.
Independence Fire Protection DistrictJames
Independence Fire Protection DistrictEdward B. Murdy760-920-6629 
East Independence Sanitary DistrictDavid L.
East Independence Sanitary DistrictMarjorie D.

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