Inyo County Elections

What’s on the Ballot

Gubernatorial Recall Ballot

The recall question contains two parts. You may vote on both parts or on just one. Either way, your vote will be counted:

  1. The first part will ask, “Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of
  2. The second part will list the names of the candidates running to replace the Governor if he is recalled. If you choose to vote for a replacement candidate, you may vote for only one of the candidates. Voting for more than one candidate will invalidate your vote.

Primary and General Elections

What’s on your ballot is determined by where you live and are registered to vote. Examples of your ballot and other important voting information can be viewed 40 days before every election.

The next regularly scheduled election in Inyo County is June 7, 2022. You can view a list of offices that will be up for election, here.

Voter Information Guides for Recall Election

In addition to this Inyo County Voter’s Pamphlet, you will also receive a Guide from the State of California. These documents will be available at each polling place, and can be found online as follows.

Inyo County Voter Information Guide

Secretary of State – Voter Information Guide