Inyo County Elections

Election Results

Results are posted by consolidated voting precincts, which change every election. You can view the regular precinct maps for the Northern Area, Bishop Area and Southern Area of Inyo County. You may also view regular precincts on the Inyo County GIS website.

Every election is subject to a post election audit. You can read more here.


November 3, 2020 Presidential Election

11/3/2020 Final Results Report

11/3/2020 Statement of Vote (tab across the bottom of worksheet)

11/3/2020 Post Election Audit

11/3/2020 Bishop Area voting precinct consolidation map

All archived reports for the November 3, 2020 election  Read More

1st Report as of 8:00 pm 11/3/2020 – This report includes all vote by mail ballots that were received and processed prior to election day
2nd Report as of 9:32 pm 11/3/2020
3rd Report as of pm 11/3/2020 – This is the final report for election night and includes all votes cast in person at the polls
4th Report as of 3:54 pm on 11/5/2020
5th Report as of 12:54 pm on 11/6/2020
6th Report as of 3:48 pm on 11/9/2020
7th Report as of 4:17 pm on 11/10/2020
8th Report as of 2:19 pm on 11/11/2020