Inyo County Elections

Election Results

Results are posted by consolidated voting precincts, which change every election. You can view the regular precinct maps for the Northern Area, Bishop Area and Southern Area of Inyo County. You may also view regular precincts on the Inyo County GIS website.

Every election is subject to a post election audit. You can read more here.


Counting votes takes time! Here is why:

Our 1st Report posted is the results of all early voting.  Voting can be done before Election Day by returning your mailed ballot or in person in our Elections Office.  The reports posted on Election Day after the first report are the results of all in-person casted ballots.  This does not include vote-by-mail ballots that were turned in to polling places on Election Day, as the signature on each envelope are validated to the identification of the registered voter prior to processing (EC § 3019).  Click Here to read more about Facts about Mailed Ballots. 

Mailed ballots that are posted marked by Election Day can be received through 06/14/22 (EC §3020).  After Election Day will be processing all valid vote-by-mail ballots daily until completed beginning two days after Election Day.  Updated result reports will be posted at the end of each day workday starting on 06/09/22.  Mailed ballots that have been received on time but require signature confirmation can be counted through 07/05/22 (EC § 3019).  The final Official Canvass of Votes (certified election results) will be completed on 07/07/2022.  Please check our website regularly through July 7th for updated election results. 

June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election

1st Report as of 8:00pm 06/07/2022 – This report includes all vote by mail ballots that were received and processed prior to Election Day.

2nd Report as of 9:50pm 06/07/2022

3rd Report as of 11:36pm 06/07/2022

4th Report as of 11:55pm 06/07/2022 – This is the semi-final report for election night and includes all votes cast in person at the polls

5th Report as of 4:25pm 06/09/2022

6th Report as of 5:08pm 06/10/2022

7th Report as of 5:14pm 06/13/2022

8th Report as of 4:27pm 06/14/2022

9th Report as of 1:27pm 06/15/2022

The majority of ballots have been processed. The remaining ballots require additional time. Therefore, the next update report will be posted within the next two weeks.

Current count of Unprocessed Ballots as of 06/15/2022 (4pm) is approximately 100. This total includes provisional ballots, and over 60 ballots pending signature verifications from voters that have been sent a letter. Ballot signature validation letters returned by July 5th will be included in the final Statement of Votes Cast certified results due on July 7th.


November 3, 2020 Presidential Election

11/3/2020 Final Results Report

11/3/2020 Statement of Vote (tab across the bottom of worksheet)

11/3/2020 Post Election Audit

11/3/2020 Bishop Area voting precinct consolidation map

All archived reports for the November 3, 2020 election  Read More

1st Report as of 8:00 pm 11/3/2020 – This report includes all vote by mail ballots that were received and processed prior to election day
2nd Report as of 9:32 pm 11/3/2020
3rd Report as of pm 11/3/2020 – This is the final report for election night and includes all votes cast in person at the polls
4th Report as of 3:54 pm on 11/5/2020
5th Report as of 12:54 pm on 11/6/2020
6th Report as of 3:48 pm on 11/9/2020
7th Report as of 4:17 pm on 11/10/2020
8th Report as of 2:19 pm on 11/11/2020

March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election

3/3/2020 Statement of Vote

3/3/2020 voting precinct consolidation map

3/2/2020 voting precinct consolidation worksheet