Inyo County Elections

Where to Vote in Person

Where you vote depends on where you live.

Early Voting Locations

You do not need an excuse to vote early — you can take advantage of early voting even if you are capable of voting at the polls on election day. There is only one early voting location in Inyo County – which offers in-person mailed ballot drop offs beginning 29 days prior to every election.

IndependenceAll Inyo County VotersHistoric Courthouse168 N. Edwards St, Independence

Voting Locations

Voting locations are determined prior to every election. Below is a list of the current voting locations in Inyo County. Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Election Day only. Click Here to find where you are registered to vote.

Name of voting locationaddress
Paiute Professional Building50 Tu Su Lane, Bishop
Fairgrounds475 Sierra Street, Bishop
Big Pine Town Hall150 Dewey Street, Big Pine
Basement Courthouse168 N. Edwards Street, Independence
Statham Hall138 N Jackson Street, Lone Pine

What to expect when voting in person

When you arrive at the voting location, you will see election workers ready to assist you. In 2020, due to COVID-19, poll workers were wearing personal protective equipment. All voters were requested to wear a mask when they enter a building to vote. If public health improves, these measures may not be in place for the next election.

At the registration table you will:

  1. State your name and address
  2. Sign the roster
  3. The election worker will give you a ballot in a single use secrecy folder

To vote

  • To vote for a candidate, completely fill in the oval next to your choice. 
  • To vote on any measure, completely fill in the oval next to the word Yes or the word No. 
  • Check both the front and back of your ballot for voting contests.

To vote for a write-in candidate

  • To vote for a write-in candidate, write the person’s name in the blank space provided directly below the names of the other candidates for that office. Then completely fill in the oval next to your choice.
  • If there is no write-in space provided, that means write-in candidates are not allowed for that office

Review and cast your ballot

  • If you vote for more candidates than are allowed, or if you vote both Yes and No on a measure, your vote will not count for that contest.
  • You do not have to vote on all contests. Those you do vote on will still count.
  • If you make a mistake, ask for another ballot.
  • After you have completed voting, tear off the stub at the top of the ballot and return your voted ballot to an election worker in the secrecy folder.

Language assistance

Many precincts in Inyo County will have election materials available for voters in Spanish. You can request a Spanish translation of your ballot on Election Day at your polling location. Bilingual poll workers will be available to assist you if needed. To request a Spanish translation of your ballot when voting by mail, please contact the elections office at 760-878-0224.

Muchos precintos en el Condado de Inyo tendran materiales electorales para los votantes en Espanol. Usted puede solicitar una traduccion en Espanol de su boleta electoral el Dia de la Eleccion en su lugar de votacion. Trabajadores electorales bilingues estaran disponibles para asistir si es necesario. Para solicitar una traduccion en Espanol de su boleta al votar por correo, favor de communicarse con la oficina de Elecciones al 760-878-0224. 

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