Inyo County Elections

Become an Election Worker

The Inyo County Elections department is currently recruiting election workers for upcoming elections. Election workers are a critical part of the election process. This is a great opportunity to serve your community and earn extra money in the process.


  • If you’re a citizen, you must be registered to vote. If you’re a legal permanent resident, you must meet all voter eligibility requirements besides citizenship.
  • You must be available to work on Election Day, from 6:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. or until all of the closing procedures have been completed.
  • You must be available to attend one training class.


Election workers are paid a stipend for volunteering. The stipend is set by the Inyo County Board of Supervisors.

  • Technician – $150.00
  • Inspector – $100.00
  • Election Clerk/Poll worker – $80
  • Student poll worker – $80
  • Training Class attendance – $30
  • COVID-19 Training Class – $30

Signing Up

If you’re interested in being an election worker, contact us at

Training classes

Thank you for volunteering to help your community vote!

All election volunteers will be required to attend at least one training session prior to working on election day. Volunteers will receive information about training classes prior to being assigned.

Contact for more information.