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Presidential Primary Election – March 5, 2024

Voter Information Calendar

March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election (Click Here for Printable Version)

01/05/24 – 01/20/24
(E-60 – E-45)
Ballots are sent to Military and Overseas Voters (UOCAVA)
01/25/24 – 02/13/24
(E-40 – E-21)
County Voter Information Guides mailed
Sample Ballots, Measure information, and other details included in Guide
ELEC §§9094(c), 13303-13304
Ballots are mailed to every active registered voter
ELEC §§3000.5, 3001
Extended to 02/20/24
(E-15) 02/19/24 -HOLIDAY
Last day to register to vote for the election
The final day to register prior to the upcoming election will be on a holiday. While our office will be closed, voters may still register online .
ELEC §§ 2102
02/20/24 – 03/05/24
(14 day period before
Election Day )
Conditional voter registration period
For any voter who missed the deadline to register to vote.
ELEC §§2170-2173
Deadline to request replacement ballot by mail. After this date, registered voters may pick up in-person at the Elections office until Election Day. 
ELEC §3001
Polls Open
7 am – 8 pm
Election Day
ELEC §§1000, 1100, 1200, 14212
Last day a ballot postmarked by election day and received for counting
ELEC §§3017, 3020; Assembly Bill 37
estim: 03/14/24
(tentative date)
Post Election Audit
(2 days before local Certification of Election Results)
Mailed Ballot signature verification deadline
Last day to receive/process unsigned ballots or signature verification forms
Signature verification is due “two days prior to the certification of the election” per EC 3019 (e)(B)(i). Counsel confirmed this is “days” not “business days”
(within 30 days from
Election Day)
Official Canvass of Vote
Registrar of Voters to certify election results
EC 15372 & EC 10551 – certify  Election within 30 days.  (but can be sooner)  –  or, in the case of school district, community college district, county board of education, or special district elections conducted on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd-numbered years, no later than the last Monday before the last Friday of that month.
31 Days post Election Day
Statement of the Vote (SOS)
*If any date falls on a weekend or state holiday; it likely moves forward to the next business day.