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Statewide General Election – November 8, 2022

For information about adding Measures to the November ballot, including dates and deadlines, please click here.

November 8, 2022 Direct Primary Election

California Secretary of State (SOS) – Statewide Election Dates

Additional information from the Secretary of State for this election can be found on:

Key Dates and Deadlines :: California Secretary of State

Voter Deadlines

County Voter Information Guides mailed
ELEC §§9094(c), 13303-13304
Sept 29, 2022 – Oct 18
(E-40 – E-21)
Ballots are mailed to every registered voter
ELEC §§3000.5, 3001
Oct 10, 2022
Last day to register to vote for the election
ELEC §§ 2102
Oct 24, 2022 (E-15)
Conditional voter registration period, for any voter who missed the deadline to register to vote. 
ELEC §§2170-2173 
Oct 25 – Nov 8, 2022
New Citizen Eligibility to Register and Vote  A new citizen is eligible to register and vote at the office of, or at another location designated by the county elections official at any time beginning on the 14th day before an election and ending at the close of polls on the election day following the date on which that person became a citizen.
Oct 25 – Nov 8, 2022
Last day to request replacement ballot by mail. After this date, registered voters may pick up in-person at the Elections office until Election Day. 
ELEC §3001
Nov 1, 2022
Election Day
ELEC §§1000, 1100, 14212
November 8, 2022
Polls open 7 am – 8 pm
Last day that a ballot postmarked by election day and received for counting
ELEC §§3017, 3020; Assembly Bill 37
Nov 15, 2022 (subject to changes in state law)
Post-election audit (tentative date)Nov 17, 2022
(tentative date)
Mailed Ballot signature verification deadline
Last day to receive/process unsigned ballots or signature verification forms
Nov 21, 2022
Official Canvass of Vote
Registrar of Voters to certify election results
ELEC §15372
Nov 23, 2022
Statement of the Vote (SOS)Dec 16, 2022