Inyo County Elections

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Candidate Resources

Becoming a Candidate

Candidate Guide for March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary and November 5, 2024 General Election. This document will be updated as needed in the future. Current version: 09/05/2023.

Candidate Calendar for March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

Candidate FPPC Filing Schedule for March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

District Boundaries

To view district boundaries, please visit the Inyo County’s comprehensive GIS maps look-up tools.

Raising & Spending Money

You can learn about campaign financing and the necessary forms in the links below.

Campaign Contribution Limits

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 571 (Stats. 2019, Ch. 556, AB 571 Mullin), beginning January 1, 2021 a state campaign contribution limit will by default apply to city and county candidates when the city or county has not already enacted a contribution limit on such candidates. Because Inyo County has not enacted contribution limits, these limits will apply to all candidates running for Countywide offices in Inyo County, except for judicial officers. These contribution limits do not apply to special or school district candidates. Along with the new campaign contribution limit, there are also other related provisions that formerly applied only to state level candidates that will now apply to city and county candidates.

Contribution limits can be found in Regulation 18545(a)2 and on the FPPC website here. The default limit for contributions to city and county candidates subject to AB 571 for 2021-2022 is set at $4,900 per election.

Ethics Training

Many public officials are required to take an ethics training course to educate them on the ethical standards required of any individual who works in state or local government. Public officials may utilize free online courses available to satisfy this requirement. Please note that the state officials ethics course will not satisfy the local officials ethics course requirements and vice versa. Learn more about Fair Political Practices Commission online training courses.

You can find information on how to run for office, as well for other election and campaign-related services.